Known as blue Malachite, Azurite is an exceptional conductor of energy. Blue Ray penetrates and moves energy, calming stress levels while Green Ray facilitates a deep healing force. Azurite activates third eye chakra, cleaning tension and confusion opening the mind to new perspectives.  Azurite is useful in treatments of spinal alignment. It’s particularly useful in treating arthritis and joint problems. It’s also known to protect and support detoxifying organs such as kidneys, gallbladder and liver.

Wrap bracelets should never be worn in or exposed to water. Be careful and avoid exposure to perfumes, hair product, soaps, lotions, oils and household chemicals. Always remove jewelry before exercising and cleaning.

Knitted bracelets can be worn anywhere, anytime.  They are waterproof and will not be damaged if showering or swimming with them so go ahead and enjoy.

Our life-time guarantee* offers a life-time of wearing our products.  It means that if you have the leather and all stones in-tact we will fix it free-of-charge otherwise a small fee will be required to change leather or add any missing stones.  All you have to do is email us at or ping us on and we will come to the rescue.

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